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Monitor Archive for January 20, 1988

Sister of hostage Anderson urges action. HELD CAPTIVE IN LEBANON
Cambodian conflict moves to Paris peace table, round two
Prospects appear bleak for return of Terry Waite from Lebanon. ONE YEAR LATER
How to get the most out of your freezer
Union Carbide appeals Indian ruling in Bhopal chemical case
New on the cookbook shelf
Guatemalan Army tries to end rebel war. While government talks peace, military carries out `final offensive'
School censorship
Local vote strengthens Aquino. Filipino President wins majority, but margin shaved
Victim's champion?
Safety chief sees flaws in air-traffic expansion. FAA PROPOSAL
The smartest place to put your money may be your home
From the farm, a populist economic view. Columnist says key to strong economy is higher pay for farmers
Sometimes grumps have the best punch lines
Firehouse feast. Some of the best New York cuisine isn't found in a restaurant...
The contra-aid dynamic
Superstition or Science?