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Monitor Archive for January 14, 1988

Bruce Babbitt
40 years of teamwork. A theater couple talk of their life together both on and off stage
Baseball Hall of Fame: how exclusive a club?
Zimbabwe and the socialist embrace. Roaring backward into one-party rule
`Strange Interlude' as three-part TV drama. `American Playhouse' launches its 7th season
`HMS Pinafore' starts US tour. Lord of Admiralty's bounce enlivens wobbly production
To currency traders, US trade data is the real show
School editors' wings clipped. High court rules student newspapers can be censored
US, Japan fail to mend trade rift. Little progress on barriers to US firms, but some signs of currency cooperation
Currency `sterilization': the illusion of a stronger dollar
Russian and American music from a Moscow studio
From `The Journey Home'
A call for bold diplomacy in the Middle East
Iranian squabble spotlights Khomeini heir. Montazeri stakes credibility on bid to open up election process
Doris Lessing blows the veil of romanticism off Afghanistan
Soviets seen as reshaping basic arms philosophy
A head start on art: four newly reprinted books for children
Quebec leads the battle for French. French-speakers fight to keep their language alive
From eager kid to master artist. Once he'd glimpsed the world of dance, Ralph Glenmore never looked back
Sony's adoption of VHS shows it has learned marketing lessons
To heal racial fears