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Monitor Archive for January 12, 1988

Mexican street children opt for `misery with freedom'
Israel's doomed deportation policy
Equal opportunity kitchen
Trivia Day
ABORTION: A CLASH OF RIGHTS AND IDEALS. Controversy continues to flare 15 years after Supreme Court ruling
The orchard
Shore builders and taxpayers
Losing ground on erosion
Sleeping bags in halls of science: saving US schools
Preserving free-flowing rivers. Public support grows for protection of wilderness waters
Shaw revival achieves the brio of true comedy. Slight changes keep balance of author's original
With deputy gone, Thatcher may face rough political road
Sunken garden beds can pay dividends in dry, thirsty terrain
We're all in school
Navy chief calms roiled waters. Service leadership find `people-oriented' boss in Secretary Webb
Twice the yield, half the work. RAISED BEDS ARE BEST
Home-swaps: your place for mine? Directories enable travelers to avoid the hotel routine
Mexican drug case frustrates US
Commandant works to shine Marines' tarnished fighting image. Corps's Al Gray wages war on peacetime careerism
Gary Hart's surprising comeback
Mapping Geographic's century