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Monitor Archive for September 4, 1987

It's never too late to pray
Expectancy and skepticism greet new round of UN Afghan talks
Seniors' association pushes for adult flame-retardant sleepwear. Group says garments will lower risk of injury in fire for elderly
Remembering the past. Richard M. who?
Speaking the world's tongues
Fining of state senator clear warning to officials: Don't `double-dip'
The Guthrie faces up to `The Bacchae'
Guardian of a cultural and historical legacy
My father's doom
For children. `Real-world' adventurers
Fiction as battle scenario. War tale depicts US-USSR combat
Fiction as imagined fact. Michener's paean to patriots
Giving voice to playwrights. O'Neill Center hones talent beyond hot lights of Broadway
Potholes, ruts, crumbling asphalt mark interstate highways. Heavier trucks, new tires, and higher speed limit add to problem
Liftoff for space education. Astronaut families sponsor far-reaching program to link center, science museums, and classrooms
Progress in Korea
Fiction as popular pastime. Danielle Steel's newest easy-reader
Fiction as historical journalism. Safire's `you are there' account of Civil War events
Younger women sidestep politics. Too many think the battle is won, say political caucus members
Labor Day, 1987
Looking for the safe road home. Guatemala's civilian government has invited thousands of Indian refugees to return to the country. But for those hol...
Piniella may need title to keep job. Williams has Mariners on upswing; McGwire no Reggie imitator
Editor's essay. Reading books here, there, but not through
Rough road on arms pact
Fiction as social commentary. Martin Amis's stinging satire of empty lives in the late '70s
John Huston's sheer love of filmmaking
Tourists overflow Yosemite Park. Hodel's earthshaking solution: drain Hetch Hetchy reservoir
The story behind the movie. A filmmaker's journey inside Pinochet's Chile
Argentine leader looks to mid-term elections for popular mandate
S.J. Perelman's letters - more about the man for fans
Horse, 1, Police, 0
Europeans and Arabs press Iran in effort to contain war
Constitutional Journal
US-style tax reform spreads to tax-strapped Scandinavia
Ernest Hemingway. The life of an indomitable writer, seen with a Freudian eye
`Big science' trend worries experts. They say huge costs could undermine other research
GULF PEACE EFFORTS. US faces opposition to arms embargo in Security Council
Jessie Benton Fr'emont. Biography of a popular 19th century American woman
Leon Trotsky emerges from the shadows of Soviet history
The silver bracelet
Fiction as fantasy