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Monitor Archive for September 30, 1987

Some bewilderment greets new Trisha Brown dances
Ireland: consensus on austerity
Slimmed-down World Bank plots strategy against global poverty
Loan yields piped-in water
When it looks good enough to eat. How food stylists perform their behind-the-scenes wizardry
For many, the fastest food is back at home
Adjustable mortgages that can shift to fixed rates gain appeal
In-flight smoking under fire. Passengers, airline employees push for congressional action
Revisiting `Ezuversity' in two new biographies of Ezra Pound
Coupe with a wink
Congressman calls for unified US foreign policy. Solarz sees potential for bipartisan effort on such issues as Gulf war
ANC's Tambo tells blacks in S. Africa to stop fighting each other
Rumors were wrong - Soviet leader was writing speech
Move to full democracy apt to be slow, gradual. Change seems just ahead for Mexico's authoritarian political system. But just what shape the change...
The price for protest goes up
Banking on the poor. Changing the face of foreign aid
Mexico awaits the big decision
Philippine rebels deny grand design behind bridge attacks
Popping off proves a troublesome path for sports figures to travel
Managua glasnost
Lost dignity restored
DNA - it's changing the whole economy
Tricks of the food styling trade
On Poland visit, Bush boosts both government and opposition leaders
ARMS CONTROL. A change of pace: beating nuclear weapons into scrap
Nitze assesses Soviet `star wars' offer. Says discussing new proposal won't hurt SDI research
Americans step up social activism. Climate of civil disobedience reflects a turning point in the nation's consciousness as Reagan era wanes
Only the velocity remains
Ford settlement may well rule out a strike at General Motors, too
Ingmar Bergman stages Strindberg. Swedish director makes American debut with powerful `Miss Julie'
Pastels that show why the medium deserves respect. Subtle, delicate effects not the only possibilities
Spotted owls vs. the timber industry