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Monitor Archive for September 17, 1987

The Constitution and Biblical law
`I think I will not forget this'
Black guitarist pays heavy price for making music with Paul Simon
New computers fit into DEC's strategy shift
Traditional rivalries and scarce resources incite violence in Sudan. Reported massacre said to be result of long-time tensions between tribes
We the People of the United States. On this day 200 years ago the convention at Philadelphia gave birth to the US Constitution. In celebration, the...
Albania's new ties with W. Germany part of cautious opening to West
O Testifiers To Innocence! Hold Fast! Hold Fast!
Manila: President Aquino digs in ... while communist rebels wait
Minor point?
John Cage's `happenings' play to receptive few at L.A. Festival
US Congress pushes Ethiopia on rights
America's colleges are facing up to the problem of gang rape
Melancholy echo of the Holocaust: a first novel
Making US nursing homes better. GAO study finds some still have major shortcomings
Mining South Africa's folklore
Fold up the Zagelmeyer, rev the Model A
Ethiopia calls for aid to avert famine. But officials worry even quick response will be too slow
China denounces Amnesty rights report that alleges use of torture. CHINA'S HUMAN RIGHTS
Soviets modestly upbeat about Washington talks
Top foe of Chicago's mayor switches parties. Republicans hope Democrat's defection will attract white voters
Administration sends PLO a message about terrorism
How the Founding Fathers took a page from the Iroquois book
Business Portfolio
`Mahabharata': Brook's dazzling stage epic. L.A. Festival audiences are getting America's first look at Peter Brook's 9-hour adaptation of the natio...
Pretoria sends signals that it's serious about press restrictions
Shadows in Paris
Canada, Soviet Union eye `World Series' of hockey. Host team's exciting Canada Cup win leaves both eager for more
DEC takes a bash at Big Blue. Big networking show gives `mother' no respect
Central American leaders agree time is ripe for peace in region. But they differ over plan's chances of success
Aquino-Laurel split could rankle military