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Monitor Archive for September 16, 1987

Canada's Conservatives are losing ground - and wonder why. Mulroney dips in polls, despite successes on economic front
Honduras's dilemma over peace. Regional peace plan poses tough choice for Azcona: abandon treaty or betray country's strongest ally - the US
The Afghan child and the bright red plastic truck
New England cookoff winners add a dash of Yankee ingenuity
Dole & Dole
White House looks to Reagan impact in '88. If the President achieves even part of his remaining agenda, officials say, the '88 GOP candidate will no...
Sampling British recipes - and history
Some Chinese find relevancy for today in ancient Confucianism. Scholars say teachings could temper obsession with material growth
`Smokeless' cigarette aims to douse controversy; may ignite it
New breed of leaders comes to fore in Taiwan. Taiwan's new generation of politicians seems ready for change. But how quickly it will come is not cle...
Progress is possible on cutting strategic arms, US officials say. They urge Moscow to pursue talks more aggressively
Medicare boost renews concerns about social programs costs. Never-ending price spiral intimidates legislators - no matter how small initial expense...
Molasses cookies with a history
Will Koppel change careers? The man who decided at age 9 to become a broadcaster now has reservations. With a contract renewal looming, ABC's `Night...
Spiritual certainty
Typhoon Michael (Jackson) storms Japan in first tour since `84
Jewish leaders see substance in improved Vatican relations. Moderate Jews respond to papal efforts to smooth rifts.
She knows the hidden side streets of French cuisine. Food critic Patricia Wells has deftly merged pen and spoon
Despite its wariness of reporters, China rolls out carpet for US network
Taiwan reporters break China travel ban
Higher interest rates hold perils for borrowers, gains for savers
For Nicaragua, peace plan seems a no-lose deal
Homecoming in a strange city
No breakthroughs but some `movement' detected in UN peace mission. Secretary-General's trip said to help reduce Iranian distrust of Council
Big serve, consistency carry Lendl to 3rd straight US Open title
Out of Asia's daily refugee dramas, a tale of rare courage. Three families tred to freedom.
RUISDAEL: Painter of heroic seas
Amity on Mauritius - a noteworthy election