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Monitor Archive for September 1, 1987

Strike seen as lesson for South Africans. Blacks and whites learned to deal with each other, labor expert says
Soviet reporter's view of events after the Chernobyl disaster
Giants gear up for tough campaign in defense of Super Bowl title
Food pantries try to keep up
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers
London may still get gleaming new financial center
Canada hosts French-speaking and Commonwealth summits. Apartheid and Africa's economic troubles are high on agendas
Artichoke city. Castroville is connected to its most famous product in the same way Detroit is connected to the automobile
CLASSICAL HIGH-TECH. Is this the ship that launched the golden age of Greece?
Disenchantment with the Sandinistas
Arias plan: local support is key
A community must care
Constitutional Journal [BYJeffrey St. John
Working Jauna Pur. Families eke out a meager existence at a rock quarry in India
Animal crackers in my purse
Rollin' down the river - not the highway - offers best way to see Adirondack Park. Group canoe trips and mountain hikes give city dwellers a chance...
Strong economy helps Canadian banks deal with third-world debt
Shuttle booster test revives NASA's hopes. But doubts linger over long-range plan
Public aid in stricken oil patch. Proud workers won't let government help pull up bootstraps
Carnival-like New York scene gives US Open special excitement
Marketing country-style - six rural businesses join forces
US politics in the post-Nunn era
Cambodian leader visits Peking. Sihanouk's Chinese backers reluctant to include Vietnam in talks
A cappella singing that goes beyond the barbershop. The Bobs master any style - jazz, funk, high-brow, or punk
A Christian Science healing
Reagan's eye is on history