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Monitor Archive for August 5, 1987

LETTER FROM BUDAPEST. Yugoslavia balks at far-reaching change
Panama: can either side afford unrest?
Constitutional Journal
Stallions in flight. Beauty and discipline combine in the choreography of the breathtaking Lipizzans
On the Gulf war front ...
Some Gulf Muslims are receptive to Iran claims on Mecca tragedy
Where home-style cooking is very much at home. At Mary Worthen's in Little Rock, Ark., the traditional Sunday dinner lives on
After Iran threats, West eyes Hizbullah. Tehran is said to fund and call major terrorist shots for Lebanese radicals
The good ol' catfish is back in vogue
High school teachers warm to Latin culture. Learn to relate to Hispanic students
Giving talented Hispanic youths a head start
A novel of fairy-tale irony, comedy, pathos, and near-tragedy
Does the uniform make the man?
A sample of sharp play from US Junior event
Gilbert and George. They profess to puncture art's aura of elitism, but these London artists' enigmatic images actually raise more questions than th...
Where jet set and refugees rubbed shoulders. Lisbon's Ritz has weathered the ups and downs of Portuguese politics
A giant of print
New light shed on Mono Lake dispute
Undue demands on spouses
Old Ozarks cooking gets a fresh twist. `Nouveau 'zarks' fare at Dairy Hollow House
Thorny issues await lawyers at convention
Foundation chairman tells how to give money away
Meeting in Hanoi
US foreign policy: bringing in the people
Parable, satire, romantic parody. Short stories of doubt and belief, self-consciousness, and love
Obvious rewards, not-so-obvious risks in `junk' muni bond funds
Contours for touching
Congress enters debate over time off for family care
`Melon': lightweight people in a trivial world. Simon Gray's latest play bows in London
Azinger puts British Open near-miss behind him, seeks PGA title
`Watch for traffic, hold hands, and stick together...'
Honoring all who serve
Suicide need not be contagious