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Monitor Archive for August 28, 1987

On the job in East Harlem. Rehab project attracts West German and American trainees
High court set to hear `moment of silence,' free speech cases
Please, no ironing
Public school choice: a hot item on the reform issue agenda
Risk-takers and their safety nets
Nunn's `no' is a blow to Democrat hopes in South. When Sen. Sam Nunn of Georgia said `no' to a White House bid, the Democrats lost what some politic...
Crisis in the family? Not so, says poll. Findings show a high degree of satisfaction within families; divorce statistics are clarified
Car owner Roger Penske steers new path for American racing
States team up to collect `use taxes' from out-of-state shoppers
Reagan faces friendly foes on arms pact
Advocate of powerless young. Lawyer-turned-child defender runs help agency for children
Broken dish? Don't panic. This North Carolina firm can probably help
Companioning with God
EVERYONE GOES BACK TO SCHOOL. And everyone is looking at educational issues
British meeting boosts Belfast morale
The horse-pulled road scrapers of summer
Report card on the NSC
Moving into a warmer East-West climate. Likely superpower arms deal could spur cooperation in other areas
Textbook case in Alabama touches deeper issues. Texts found OK, but many parents say `mediocrity' in schools is the issue
Constitutional Journal
Hope survives grimness of `Matewan'. Sayles's reputation as director gets a lift from his latest movie
Washington plugs its ears
Glasnost redux
Higher ed for a high-tech economy
Arms accord momentum
IRAN-IRAQ CONFLICT. Iran inches toward UN negotiations to end Gulf war. But Tehran demands guarantees in return for joining UN process
Williamstown turns up the star power for Chekhov
Political subversion, real and imagined, in American history
Road to a job smoother but still steep for elderly
Reform movement cries for ideas - substance before skills
For candidates, education is more than an apple-pie issue
ROUTING CORRUPTION. Biaggi trial will open window to N.Y.C. `clubhouse' politics. A state commission is focusing on the issue of political patronage
Summer work-study program gives at-risk teens a STEP up
Accountability is key theme for Education Department
Laxalt bows out of the Republican race. He cites money problems, but enthusiasm wasn't flowing either
A cathedral grows in Manhattan. Someday it will be the world's largest Gothic church. But `St. John the Unfinished,' as New Yorkers call it, is alre...
Massachusetts legislators get big rewards for procrastination
And now a word from William Safire