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Monitor Archive for August 25, 1987

Sounding the global smoke alarm
Young pianist takes stardom at his own pace
The perfect two
Edinburgh especially aware of Soviet presence. Theater, dance, music, and art from around the world are represented at the International Festival of...
What's the time on the cosmic clock? Getting a handle on the universe's age could help settle the question of whether the universe will keep expandi...
Pan American Games highlighted by two major surprises
Apologies of the abject sort
Playing fast and loose with genetic engineering research rules
Shu-Bing was here
Zimbabwe whites lose special political status. End of reserved seats in Parliament brings one-party state closer
Goldwater: Reagan `inviting disaster' in Persian Gulf
Reagan holds chips for foreign policy deals
Post office of future to be more automated. Postal Service looks at machines to save time and money
Gorbachev to America?
Pact on long-range missiles unlikely, US officials say. Soviet and US agreement on comprehensive arms control is a long way off, administration offi...
War's economic and human costs prompt Iran to explore new tactics
Jockeying for position in post-Khomeini Iran. There is intense political maneuvering in Iran, where militants have the upper hand. The infighting is...
Constitutional Journal
Stir of anti-Semitism spurs S. Africa to confront far right
Dormancy's uses
Democratic hopefuls grope for economic issues in Iowa debate. Economic boom impedes search, but trade, budget gaps offer targets
A Nantucket basket weaver. Part of a new generation of artisans, Chin Manasmontri carries on a traditional island craft
Late bloomers
Dutch ships to Gulf signal renewed interest in Western alliance
Something old, something new. Wedding gowns can be lovelier the second time around
Carmakers ask UAW for gains in quality and productivity
The death penalty and the Supreme Court
Presidential work
Underground adventure on the Spanish coast. Nerja's cathedral-size caves harbor huge stalactites - even dance concerts
US envoy urges giving Iran deadline. Calls for embargo Sept. 1 unless Iran accepts UN plan. The US wants Iran to clearly accept a UN cease-fire call...
Employers of illegal aliens now are targeted. US moves under new law to stem tide
Congress and the Israeli connection
Two progressives vie in Mississippi primary. Democrats picking governor nominee
Crisp and indisputable
Iranian envoy calls on US to rethink its Gulf policy. The US wants Iran to clearly accept a UN cease-fire call - soon. Iran claims the cease-fire re...