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Monitor Archive for August 21, 1987

Iran-contra counsel wins entry to arms-sale accounts
Eric Davis does it all - at bat, on the basepaths, and in the field
Pilot error becomes focus in probe. Preflight check system apparently failed to catch error
Britain's gun laws face tough scrutiny after recent tragedy. Police training and private licensing at issue
Gershwin's life: fascinatin' rhythms
Sweet strains of summer. Aspiring cellists, bassoonists, violinists gather in Greensboro for the Eastern Music Festival
A Sherlock with 20th-century touches. A bravura performance from Langella as Baker Street sleuth
Korea's new labor leaders: militant, but pragmatic
The great drama: our continuing role
Weak support for key strike may spell trouble for Brazil labor
Smoke-free planes
Republican right snipes at Reagan on Central America policy. Conservatives charge that peace plan is `selling out' the contras
They didn't say, `I gave at the office'
Elderhostel offers older-adult courses at worldwide sites
A pervasive cynicism
Seniors choose lifelong learning. Special programs open new doors for older students
Constitutional Journal
Concern vs. confusion in the disposal of household chemicals. From aerosol cans to old paint to used auto oil, there's a right way and a wrong way t...
Artists want deductions for unsold work put back in the picture
Clamping a lid on political fund raising in Massachusetts
Cost-cutting alone won't fill Harcourt's battle-drained coffers
Sandinista peace concessions due to pressure from friend and foe
Small treasures
It was either the clock or Alice
US marine's spy trial heads for a quick end
Puerto Rico: new presence in film. `La Gran Fiesta': smartly written, smoothly acted
Pretoria vs. the ANC
Frank photography. Three decades after pioneer photojournalist Robert Frank took to the road to record America, his controversial work is being redi...