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Monitor Archive for August 17, 1987

The greening of Africa
Homeless suburbanites struggle amid affluence
Magazine moves to fill a broad niche. Intelligent, curious moviegoers are Premiere's targets
Finding modern outlets for an ancient skill. Interior designer who helped Afghan women make use of their genius for embroidery
Masterpaint theater: front porch, back porch
Antarctica's prospects clouded by treaty's impending end
Towns - coming and going
Japan's big banks begin looking for new, riskier business
Overseas markets outshine Wall Street
Heard any good books lately?
Where true authority lies
Squabbles within W. German government coalition heat up. The dispute focuses on which political path the ruling parties should take: right or center
Confessions of a garden grump
Many Pan Am athletes get financial rewards; Abbott an inspiration
How quarterly treadmill keeps mills of America muddling
INTERVIEW. AIDS presents a number of new challenges for US employers
Russian language study in the USSR on the rise for US college students
Botha seems to be taking new tack on political prisoners. S. Africa move seen as bid to settle Mandela question
Window on the orchard
Iran takes wait-and-see stance on US Gulf moves. As tensions mount in the Gulf, the public's mood in Tehran is startlingly calm. But the message fro...
Brighter days for Egyptian economy. Entrepreneurial spirit blossoms, reflecting new private sector confidence
One way to improve the lot of third-world women. Jessica Lindner's organization develops markets for their handicrafts
Cut proposed in US aid for placing homeless in hotels
How the working poor lived in rural England before 1900
Constitutional Journal
Even in home region, S. Korea's Roh isn't sure thing. A candidate's native region used to determine his success. Today, voters' age, their desire fo...
New Zealand premier vows antinuclear activity in second term. Elections bring sweeping victory for Labour Party
`Weak' economic recovery shows up at Muscle Beach
Blue Jays make AL East take notice; Reuschel a gem of consistency
Stuart Davis before he turned modernist painter. Roaming city streets, recording everyday life
Second Italian opera company plans an `A"ida' among the ruins
AIDS in workplace forces companies to address employee concerns