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Monitor Archive for August 13, 1987

He takes them out to the ballpark. Stockbroker who loves kids and baseball gives away season tickets to major-league games to underprivileged childr...
White House says policymaking structure works well. Iran-contra was an `aberration,' aides insist
Swim Mobiles give Lucy Ru'iz, and other city kids, a chance to take a dip
Push for democratization in South Korea shifts to factories. Mood of protest spreads ... and so do strikes
Constitutional Journal
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers
Folk embraces new musical styles. Newport festival had everything from a cappella singing to boogie-woogie piano
If a tree falls, John Seed hears it
`Into the act'
Judge Webster and covert actions
US scores political gain with Venezuela. Latin state stops backing Puerto Rican independence
Space to expand - how Frank Stella looks at abstract painting
Iran throws new roadblock before UN effort to end Gulf war
Greece worries terrorism will further hurt tourism
Steel makes a comeback. Investments in technology and training pay off for US producers
Return of an enchanting symbol of beauty
Trade bill could reverse economic progress in the Caribbean
Reflections in the bay
Jesse Unruh, a devotee of politics and power
Threat of oil drilling fades a bit in Pacific Palisades. Recent political shifts on the Los Angeles City Council may result in veto of proposal to t...
Team play in the Gulf
Bread-and-butter issues shape New Zealand election
Newspaper columnists still powerful, but also more shrill
Seattle Opera brings out deep themes in Wagner's `Ring'
Under the paraffin lid
For these women, education is providing a path away from welfare
Popular murder mystery-courtroom drama
Political update: August '87
US basketball teams eye Pan Am gold; Costa Rican swimmer excels
US image recovering in Arab view. The moderate Arab Gulf states were angered by the revelation of US arms sales to Iran. But Reagan's new US Gulf po...
Alaska refuge coveted by oil industry. Environmentalists are fighting to protect area from development
Small victories in battle to cut farm surpluses. But scale-back effort taking much longer than expected
Colleges scouting extra beds as freshman housing crunch looms
You can be forgiven
Applying the Marshall Plan to current global problems is not easy
How one mill competes
FBI sting makes a small dent in New York's corruption. US Attorney Giuliani says graft is systemic in municipalities
A pentecostal group portrait. San Diego theater brings production to N.Y.C.