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Monitor Archive for August 12, 1987

Filipino comics are more than laughing matter
Thatcher to deploy minesweepers for British ships
Two contemporary poets. Graham and Jennings: poles apart in form and subject
Refugees generate tension in Honduras. Growing numbers strain resources - and hospitality
United's futuristic answer to `people-lock'
Remember the Maine!
A writer for all seasons. Jim Lehrer balances fact with fiction as newsman, novelist, and playwright
Castro's destiny
Summertime opera: fresh `Cav/Pag'. Sills's New York City troupe meeting a need
The first casualty
Iran set to pipe oil through Soviet Union. Iranian-Soviet ties are on an upswing. The two countries' planned oil and gas venture could significantly...
Quiet journeymen won year's top golf prizes - all on the last shot
When stocks do fall, convertible bonds may be a cushion
Shedding light on the art of photography as fictional form and subject in literature
Raspberries add pizazz to main dishes as well as desserts
`What's the mood of the country...?'
Constitutional Journal
Time to rethink hearings?
Pakistan resists urgings by US on nuclear program
Volunteers preserve nation's fading trails
Theology: just for grown-ups?
US raises peace plan objections
Joy from an infant planet
Prolonged dry spell in Ethiopia raises new concerns about famine
Coping with constitutional ambiguity. The US Constitution's division of foreign policy responsibility between president and Congress created a delic...
Reagan choice for commerce post is called a `team player'
Woven with song
New home in the heartland. Hmong family makes the shift from Southeast Asia to small-town America
`Baby M' case appeal nears while surrogacy debate goes on. Bills have been filed in 33 states, but only two have become law
White House pins hopes on speech
A DROVER'S ROAST. Owners of the Salem Cross Inn dig into the history of their region, and events like this spring from their research