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Monitor Archive for August 11, 1987

Henry James's southern France tour
Children in darkness. The exploitation of innocence. Readers respond. From June 30 to July 8 the Monitor published a five-part series entitled `Chil...
Tower says Iran-contra hearings produced few new revelations. Head of special review board adds President is already making reforms
Iceland: a clean, cool land with culture and style. Snow-washed jeans are `in,' as fashion shifts like the weather
S. Africa mine strike is also test of political wills
Hometown festival, West German-style. Tiny Schwabendorf celebrates it's 300th anniversary as a refuge for French Huguenots
Punishment - or presidential pardon?
Iran-US situation minus the distortions. Khomeini's regime is not on the ropes
`Downtown' shows please `uptown' hosts. `Serious Fun!' jumps imagined boundaries
US, China struggle to sew up textile accord. Fate of many Chinese factories could hinge on agreement
She could have been Miss Tang Dynasty
Master of the prison watch
Super accelerator runs into friction. US budget squeeze could retard plans for atom-smasher
Constitutional Journal
Release of anti-Castro terrorist ends embarrassment for Venezuela
The `let Reagan be Reagan' days are over
ARMS OPTIMISM. Long-range-missile pact possible, says US official in Geneva
Sri Lanka's freeing of Tamils: step toward redressing rights abuses. For four years, Sri Lanka has been criticized for alleged human-rights violatio...
It's an enigma
RCA issues commemorative package of Presley tunes
A dose of realism
Environmentalist sabotage threatens loggers. Idaho senator wants to make tree-spiking a federal offense
A new way to see yourself
Hated Macoutes haunt Haiti
Atlanta-based Delta navigates adversity
The underreported efforts of the Soviet space program
Colorful teen-ager Andre Agassi emerges as new US tennis hope. Wild hairdo attracts fans, while explosive forehand dazzles foes
Dollar Dry Dock offers a bank-o-mat of financial services
A baby whales' tale. How rescuers put young pilots back in the pod
You look exactly like ...
Art that spans two cultures. Contemporary artist Arthur Amiotte draws on his Sioux heritage to fuel a creative life
TWISTS AND TURNS IN THE GULF. Unescorted ships face heightened risks in Gulf. Renewed Iraqi raids could spur Iranian action