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Monitor Archive for August 10, 1987

An annoying, fascinating look at mid-1980s America
Rain dance
Can India's Gandhi reap diplomatic gains from Sri Lanka initiative? Skeptics contend Army presence will tarnish India's image in region
Singapore hopes to fill hotels with tourists who stay longer, spend more
Midwest economy is rebounding. Basic industries are coming back slowly as service sector expands
Red Grooms. The art world's most highly regarded clown
Cadillac fights new luxury-car competitors - and its own image
Behind Soviet changes: communism's inability to outshine capitalism
Salvador ruling party battered by mounting charges of corruption. Duarte claims opponents trying to weaken government for own ends
Collected quotations from communist thinkers
Dance and jazz brighten musical bio, `Satchmo'. Real musicians star in key roles; Maurice Hines did choreography
Asking the right questions: the voice of a Czech dissident
Lawyers preview debate over Bork Supreme Court nomination
Fate of S. Africa opposition group hinges on major treason trial. Movement leader's testimony may set stage for official ban
August car daze
Mauch up to his old lineup-juggling act; Expo infield eyes rare feat
Raider Boone Pickens aims to sew up large investment in Singer
`Spycatcher' memoirs fuel British security, free press debate
White House, Hill ready to negotiate over huge trade bill. Baker acts as Reagan's liaison as congressional conferees meet
Memories of Burma
A place for everything .... Some ways to help your kids control clutter
C. American peace bid. Tough negotiations lie ahead on regional plan to bring reprieve from civil wars
Summertime ... and Japanese are busy working. In face of strong work ethic and tradition, concept of leisure alters slowly
Summer, time to wonder in the park
Aquatics complex makes Indy great place to swim
Please, take my cottage
Stopping the buck
The Iran-contra hearings and the advice of counsel
`Third force' in disarray
California fishermen resist plans for second sea otter colony. They worry that otters could expand food forays into commercial areas
The social costs of economic change East and West
`Artifact': trendy European ideas, salted with Americanisms
Who's got time to run errands? Entrepreneurs do
The fight to keep spies out in the cold
How do we trust God's love?
FAMILY REUNION. Common bond brings Claflin family from far corners of the country
Reagan's Gulf actions trigger call for invoking of War Powers Act. Hill Democrats sue President; issue of constitutionality raised
BUDAPEST CRAFTSWOMEN. Making a living with nimble fingers and fleet feet
Constitutional Journal
Bull market races ahead. The US stock market began its great surge five years ago and it looks as if more of the same is in store. Foreign buying is...
Gephardt-Dukakis debate: no clear winner. Democratic hopefuls square off on trade, seek TV advantage