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Monitor Archive for July 9, 1987

Environment or heredity?
Daring Frenchman sailing solo across the Atlantic - on a board
All that trash
The clarity of native innocence
Australia's Hawke flies lower in polls. Premier's tough economic policies could cost him votes in upcoming election
A cricket safari through Cheddar moonlight
International action on agriculture is needed
Salvadorean hopes for a new era fade. Duarte seen as failing to deliver promised peace and prosperity
Coming to understand others. Inner-city jargon, Appalachian hospitality, and Navajo cookery usually aren't part of the curriculum for new teachers....
How safe are US cities?
Constitutional Journal
Affluence and effluence
London's looks east - to its Docklands
States and Congress act to fill the gaps they see in antitrust enforcement
White S. Africans plan nuts-and-bolts talks with black insurgents
Professionals' dilemma over child-abuse reporting laws
New skirmishes in the global battle over media freedom
Chrysler's fine called attempt to hide indifference to safety. OSHA acts shortly before hearing in Congress
A close look at labor statistics bursts the `Supermom' myth
Dickens novel `Hard Times' skillfully adapted to stage
A new Russia - 3
The Carters: rebuilding their lives after the White House
Aborigines get a jump on voting
Debates and public service
Soviets' comeback in the Middle East
Britain prepares to sell its airports to the public
In Moscow, differences over German issue erupt, but don't spoil meeting
The taming of a tennis star. Pat Cash learned there's no room at Wimbledon for a `regulation kid'
Haitians from all walks of life say military government must go
Reagan's popularity rebounds despite lingering doubts on his Iran statements
William Wyler's career: a lesson in mythmaking
Food, farmers, and subsidies
US impatient with Panama's Noriega but avoids `interference'
Arts Scene
Soviet and Cuban ties support - and bind - war-weary Angola. Dependence on East bloc hinders bid for US aid and help in ending war