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Monitor Archive for July 6, 1987

Appalachian sprint: one hiker's homage to a trail turned 50
Ex libris: a thriving art... Russia
Reading the minds of the Puritans
NAACP maps plans to oppose Reagan's nomination of Bork. Jackson and other presidential hopefuls to address rights group
The role of US unions is questioned as their rolls have dwindled
Is it `Buy AT&T!' or `Hold the phone'?
Florida's quirky tax
A glimpse into what drives Kim Dae Jung
Deregulation aloft: unfairness on fares
One man's press restriction is another's `openness'. CUBA - ANALYSIS
Constitutional Journal
Mexico's border industries boom, while rest of nation remains in economic slump
Lincoln observed from a score of scholarly vantages
Economic well-being eludes Angola long after independence
Morandi: life in a bottle. Italian painter's vision was bigger than it seems
Despite hardships, Poland's baby boom burgeons
`Birth dearth' and the West. We may be putting ourselves out of business, author says
Nashville resists change in Southern way of life
Financial overhaul brings London back as the capital of capitalism
LITTERING. Nation's capital next battlefield for bottle bills
A break in the Soviet dike? Soviet `system' blasted in play about Chernobyl
`Young royals' said to lack the dignity that befits a dynasty
Artistic creations that push against their showcase. Beverly Pepper's sculptures test any museum's ability to display them effectively
Israel's West Bank development plans raise stakes in land struggle
The finer things
5 billion and counting ...
On stage in London
NEIGHBORHOOD REBUILDING. Freeing Boston housing programs from worry of fund-raising
Bolshoi's `Golden Age' makes use of modern art, pop culture