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Monitor Archive for July 29, 1987

How 55 men in 1787 changed the world .... It's the biggest US export: 200 years after the Constitution was drafted, nearly all of the world's consti...
Raise immigration quotas, not taxes
An oil import fee would damage the US economy
On the road with North's slides
Meese says he knew little about Iran arms. Iran-contra scandal will hurt GOP, governors say
Quebec's French tycoons: nouveau, perhaps, but decidedly riche
SCHOOL DESEGREGATION. Hispanic students increasingly isolated
Haiti's urban poor: `You eat when you can'
Heaven at hand
Meese says he knew little about Iran arms. `It certainly looks a lot different to us now than it did then,' he tells panel
Pakistan's regional differences grow sharper. Gen. Zia's tight control spawns nationalism along ethnic lines
Israeli war-crime trial enters crucial phase. Demjanjuk defense case may rest on proving documents are forged
Glenn Ford knows his vegetables. And the veteran actor has definite ideas on how to make them tasty
Gulf fleet navigates sea of problems. US warships more vulnerable than oil tankers to Iranian mines
SECRET SWAPS. Icon for your Nikon? Samovar for your Sony?
Poet Robert Lowell's perceptive prose. Essays show writer's power of phrase, range of thought
Lyrical novel by expatriate Cuban writer is more poetry than plot
A passion for pistachios. Or, how did a nut from the Middle East become so popular in the West?
Social security chief lauds computers, but critics see problems
Bolshoi clings to classical ballet - despite reformist touches
Irish victor, Spanish runner-up signal changes in Tour de France
Mexican dissidents in uphill reform drive. Under the leadership of Caut'emoc C'ardenas, dissidents in Mexico's dominant party are trying to reform t...
Hawaii's future
The gifts my brother gives
Constitutional Journal
Birds of paradise
A `Don Giovanni' at odds with its locale. Sellars sets Mozart opera in a modern-day slum
All those `yield' signs should read `caution' for wary investors
Governors call for activism
Summertime souffl'es -the ideal light meal
An English artist who chased the rainbow's subtle colors
France and Germany: Europe's odd couple
Military strategy as a system of thought and a theory of action
The sculptor as herdsman
Panama - raising the ante