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Monitor Archive for July 21, 1987

ASK THE GARDENERS, Questions & Answers
Twins in rare contender's role; Hall of Fame to get Mattingly bat
NOW's future
He painted Lappland. Andreas Alariesto recorded an unknown culture
UN's family-planning chief will focus on `programs that work'. Global population agency sees demand for services rise as US aid plummets
Manet's balcony scene
Delta's problems focus attention on training, supply of pilots
Soviet publication paints bleak picture of war in Afghanistan
Being able to forgive
`An Enemy Among Us' tackles a difficult theme. CBS moves youth drama on AIDS to prime-time viewing hour
Turning sludge into `gold'. Simple, low-tech answer to pressing problems of waste disposal can even be profitable
Third world grows addicted to pesticides
Au revoir, deux-chevaux
Sibling rivalry
Mr. Reagan and the impact of the Iran-contra hearings
Theatrical capital makes a home for its souvenirs. London's Theatre Museum displaying only 10 percent of its items at any one time
HOT SPURTING GAS. Ford disputes need to expand its van recall
Doubts about Poindexter's truthfulness grow on panels. Lack of remorse over record of deceit also troubles some members
New phase for `the hearings'. Public interest sags after `smoking gun' fails to appear, but Iran-contra panel still seeks keys to system failure
Global warming trend may be sudden rather than slow
Portuguese cheer vote for stability
Hearings fair? It's a matter of perception
Toshiba sale: only the tip of espionage iceberg?
A decisive victory
One-woman crusade to rescue a forsaken river
A touch of Thatcher in Portugal
Rafting on Utah's Green River: exciting and awe-inspiring
Egypt's foreign minister takes plea for peace directly to Israeli people
Constitutional Journal
Towns sort out their garbage problem. Wellesley, Mass. - The value of disciplined recycling
Towns sort out their garbage problem. Wilton, N.H. - The payoff from saving and selling trash
Financial charts appear to indicate vulnerable market