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Monitor Archive for July 2, 1987

Manna and miracles
Guarded hope surfaces in the oil patch
When all you have to sell is your body
Thrones of our republic
Messengers from the stars. Neutrino astronomy looks inside the core of a star
Brazilians look to new constitution to limit leader's traditional power. Main author of plan warns against looking to a document, rather than people...
Service exports won't help US trade picture
From guns to rubber: Malay leftist insurgents accept Thai amnesty
Cooperstown gets an opera house. Glimmerglass company faces new challenges
Veto of `fairness doctrine' settles issue once - but not for all
COMBATING ILLITERACY. Computers: high-tech aid for Americans who can't read
Constitutional Journal
Senate bans imports of companies that sold Soviets machines. But White House urges no retaliation, citing presidential discretion
The abundant backyard
How one town in the Philippines fights back against child prostitution
South Korea opposition: Can the `two Kims' stick together?
Welch's pitching results take turn for better; identifying winners
Glasnost unleashes backstage upheaval at the Bolshoi
Polish churchmen grapple with hints of anti-Semitic revival
A fresh tribute to some legendary blues, jazz artists
The woman who tackles Indian women's issues
Boomers' new tastes fuel jazz record resurgence
The new Rotarians - women join the club
The high court's new `pivot'?
A third option for the US in the Gulf
Risks for Old Glory
NO PLACE TO CUT. NCAA takes on spiraling athletics costs - and loses
Writing about sports, with no apologies
Ford's new four-door Scorpio aims for driver friendliness
US not a debtor nation, but the idea doesn't worry economist
Providing US missiles to Angolan, Afghan insurgents adds new twist to guerrilla wars
Britain offers lessons for US in protecting investors from abuse