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Monitor Archive for July 17, 1987

The whiff of oil
Japan to revamp export controls. Toshiba high-tech sales to Soviets forced issue to surface
Poindexter denies conspiracy cover-up. But says objective was to keep information from Congress
Billie Jean King - a Hall of Famer on and off the tennis court
Massachusetts income tax refund - not fair game for Dukakis
PF QUESTIONS. A selection of responses to readers' financial questions
Rubinstein's piano artistry and the life that inspired it. Documentary features musician and his family
Born losers who refuse to lose. An Irish comedy now on screens in America is one of the summer's happiest surprises. It's a motorcycle movie with a...
I heard the sound of milk hitting the metal pail
Effective school reform that doesn't fit the formula
When a poem barks
The sign of the churn
Chinese artists bringvivid scenes from `roof of the world'
New look for an older house. A Southwest family remodels to fit its changing needs
Visually rewarding look at China's wildlife - and threats it faces
Shattering the `ether' theory
PAYING FOR COLLEGE. Prepaying helps some
Intel chief enjoys role as `Dear Abby' for corporate managers
A travel book for inward adventure
PAYING FOR COLLEGE. Tactics change as costs soar
Constitutional Journal
Northeast is outgrowing its power base and faces brownouts
Modest gains in acceptance mark Esperanto's 100th birthday
The no-fault presidency
France and Iran raise the stakes in tense standoff over terrorism
We have seen other Norths
Honecker's homecoming
A marriage that works
West Virginia courts nuclear-waste dump site. But critics debate whether $700 million project would help depressed economy
Relieved over Iran hearings, White House looks ahead
PAYING FOR COLLEGE. Growing debts, new loan rules
Sir Isaac Newton: charting the course of modern thought. With the 300th anniversary of the publication of the `Principia,' Newton's genius is being...
The new XJ6 - another chapter in Jaguar's success story
PORTFOLIO. Tips and trends that affect your money
North wins hearts and stomachs
Ripples in paradise
Friends and enemies take each other's measure. Thatcher to gauge Reagan's strength as Soviets check out Mideast prospects
Americans flock to Europe again. Terrorism, Chernobyl no longer deterrents to the Grand Tour