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Monitor Archive for June 2, 1987

Indian aid offer to Tamils draws Sri Lankan rebuke. Colombo says bid infringes sovereignty
The Tokyo hesitation
CANADA CONSTITUTION. Quebec to sign on dotted line
A smorgasbord of tidbits about food
British entrepreneur ready for daring trip
Rumor mill was in full tilt
Constitutional Journal
AIDS and public policy
Getting `clean' rivers cleaner. Better water quality requires control of more pollution sources
Despite Bush lead, Iowa contest still `fluid' for GOP hopefuls. Dole's `home field' edge and other factors defy facile forecasting
British-Iranian ties strained over actions against diplomats. Britain weighs response to Iran's detention of official in Tehran
Finding our home
Bucks County shows why artists loved it
Inflation and violence spark discontent with Guatemala leader
Major US study of air pollution enters final phase
Academic pork barrel is wrong way to fund research universities
US volunteers head for Nicaragua. Some want to go on record as disagreeing with US policy, others risk their lives to shield villages from the contr...
Pop, crackle, and Omar
Bonn endorses US position on reduction of Euromissiles
Touchdown in Red Square
Lady Murasaki on Genji's coming of age
Flier's feat leaves West Germans at a loss for words
Celtics, Lakers renew classic rivalry as NBA finals begin tonight
Dutch flower auctions: an ever-blooming and booming industry
The getting of wisdom
The theology of arms control - and US politics
Kuwait, the US, and Moscow
The Iran-contra affair is no Watergate
Karami: Lebanon's long-serving premier
SHARED SPACE. US-Soviet cooperation may yield a trip to Mars
CABOOSE MOTEL. Riding the rails to dreamland
Lebanon's uncertain future. Assassination complicates search for Muslim-Christian accord