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Monitor Archive for June 11, 1987

New-found sense of national pride fuels Italians' optimism
Tuning in to video as an art medium
The Stark reality: energy policy and security
US computer chip firms rebounding. Upswing began before Reagan slapped penalties on Japan
A new life in the `land of opportunity'. Relocated Hmong refugees make a home for themselves in rural North Carolina
Toronto's June 30 `Baby Bang' will reverberate through Canadian finance
Africa looks less and less to the West for help to end financial crisis. Bankers' meetings signal growing resolve to try to solve own woes
We move among the dancers
One Father, one family
Constitutional Journal
How and why the Berlin Wall came to be built
No water, no lights no gas ... no surprise to Nicaraguans
Weinberger disregards Iranian `threats' to US ships in Gulf
Old-timers of baseball literature
Please say it in English, counselor!
Allegis fly-drive-sleep concept departs - along with chairman
Workers cool to Poland's `official' unions
IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Parade of witnesses: reacting differently under pressure
Hungary and the dilemma of communist states
Small lap
Tuning in to video as an art medium
Twilight tunes
Canada's new subs
Rainy day baseball. This year's rookie books
Playing the numbers game
European youth scour continent in search of scarce jobs