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Monitor Archive for June 10, 1987

Millennium in Moscow, 2040. Satire on future glasnost is a comic commentary on today's
`Costa Rican caviar' is only half the menu. Fruit, fish, and other foods complement ever-present beans and rice
RACISM AND THE LAW. Effort to fight race bias in death penalty builds
Constitutional Journal
Can religion and science be reconciled?
Broadway season ends amid laurels, brighter figures
Selling the house
Black British activist set for historic first - Parliament seat
Is the tide going out on sushi?
Clashes in East Berlin point up risks of glasnost in E. Europe
The latest inside word on gossip
On a busy boulevard in Tokyo, traffic waits for no man - just ducks
San Francisco bakery spreads the word about sourdough
Summiteers bank on secret indicators
A conductor shares his views on wielding a baton. Carl St. Clair guides students in podium skills
Politics dominates in Venice. Consensus building on Gulf, terrorism, and arms
RACISM AND THE LAW. A vote for fixing what the Founding Fathers forgot
Carmakers gear up for four-wheel-drive push
Property owners win new protection in land-taking case. US Supreme Court widens requirement for compensation
Debate in Warsaw
The Earhart legacy
Bret Saberhagen back in 1985 form; more lively ball evidence
Olympic fervor
Refugees: a fact of life?
Modern farming: its promise and perils
Biography of America's second First Lady, Abigail Adams
Exploit US technology, government urges
UN's `big five' meet behind closed doors on Iran-Iraq war
Poles say they need the Pope's encouragement. But they expect few political results from the Pontiff's visit
Immigrants, prisoners to be tested for AIDS
The `portable pension': an issue for '88, but more could be using it now