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Monitor Archive for May 28, 1987

French ask who is on trial: Barbie or Resistance?
Knitting needles at The New Yorker
Surrogacy: controversial but often successful
Keep Afghan aid coming
Satisfying revival of Stoppard's `Hamlet' spinoff
S. Africa leader seeks blacks for negotiations
Charting the government's investigations of the NRC
The Marxist account of stardust - `April the fool!'
Panels hear from contra supplier. Administration higher-ups also were kept informed, witness hints
Books in the middle - a publishing dilemma
Catfish farm in Ivory Coast - one nibble in US-African trade
Innocence: found, not lost
No permanent bases in Gulf area limits US
Patricia Adair
Gorbachev's alma mater produces key officials
Constitutional Journal
Two orchestras with their own kinds of excellence
Hats off to free exercise? Wearing of religious headgear now a First Amendment issue
NATO sees need to beef up forces. But funding for conventional upgrade will be hard to come by
Israel hopes that book is now closed on Pollard spy case
The fine art of corresponding finds new fans
The USS Stark and the price of empire
NRC takes heat for `closeness' to nuclear industry
Perceptions and realities of Britain
US blacks - from financial planners to `Kool & the Gang'- think Africa
Senior prom: a night to remember
Can Hong Kong hang on?
Dip into a poem, please
PERSIAN GULF. Soviet affirms US role in Gulf and urges Mideast peace parley