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Monitor Archive for May 22, 1987

Dishing up in Friendship
Small bookstores want chains' big discounts shelved
Outlook for contra reform is poor. Problems go beyond funding to the very nature of the movement
In spring
The superpowers: common aims amid rivalry. Parallel interests on arms and Mideast show new political maturity
Traveling Africa? Expect the unexpected. Airline fails to forewarn passengers about 10-hour detour
Toy cars and trucks give a nostalgic view of `progress'
Constitutional Journal. A reporter covers the Philadelphia story of 1787
`Are We to Be a Nation?' Celebrating the Constitution
How to choose the right air conditioner
Private donors to contras `misled' on `overhead' costs
Egypt rejoices over turnaround in tourism. `A"ida' success boosts sense that nation free of terrorism shadow
Don't forget the FBI
Uniting the US with English
The cutting art
Piecing together the puzzle of arms control
Candid glimpses of the incomparable Horowitz
A film festival that shuns the usual fare
Constitutional Journal
Farewell, little red phone booth. But collectors find new uses for Britain's familiar telephone kiosks
Educator seeks US teachers for Chinese university
The next plane you board may be a rental job
Slow down - you are entering the century of the crowd
Too many sideshows disrupt Massachusetts House sessions
Who needs God?
How Carl Icahn paid for his acquisition of rival Ozark Airlines by selling most of Ozark's fleet
Tracing the rise of Murdoch's publishing empire
Sandinistas are latest victor in propaganda war with contras. Army takes town to disprove rebels' claim of holding land
Familiar faces in `Beverly Hills Cop II'