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Monitor Archive for May 19, 1987

Egypt: linchpin of US strategy in the Middle East
Buffalo Bill Ranch renews its welcome to Nebraska tourists
Of lilies and leftists. May Day in Paris means blossoms for everyone from Cub Scouts and concierges to communists
Not all reports are button-down
Faith can sing
Fiji gropes for unity
Swedish director likes mixing laughter and tears
Investment scams look legit. But ads in newspapers aren't checked thoroughly
Disappearance of dinosaurs offers environmental lessons
In the Soviet Arctic, twice as many rubles and greater freedom
FORGOTTEN HERO. Portugal's President to honor diplomat who defied Holocaust
Con artists move in on alien amnesty program
Kicking the economy - while it's up
Lightness and elegance from the young Rodin
Strike highlights risks to superpowers in Gulf. Arabs worry about US's next moves
Supreme Court broadens scope of civil rights laws. Two rulings extend protection to Arabs, Jews, other minorities
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers
Native American Art. Breaking the stereotypes
War games - and poverty
Astronomers combine special telescopes to see deep into space. The network also provides means for studying Earth's crust
US plays down attack on ship. Stark's reaction points up issue of fleet vulnerability
Fiji coup: impact goes beyond S. Pacific. Overthrow raises stakes in foreign powers' bid for influence
Sen. Paul Simon throws bow tie into the ring
Turning sand into land. Desert farms in Israel grow lush crops from sand and salty water
Stanley Cup final showcases Wayne Gretzky's superb talents
Charles Lamb grumbling playfully about married people
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