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Monitor Archive for April 9, 1987

Warning from Volcker
China's leaders show rare openness during national assembly. Are leaders braving TV cameras to obscure leadership struggle?
MEETING BY SATELLITE. US, Soviet journalists `meet' to discuss the role of their media
Why not Secaucus?
It's not just foreign nations that bring companies `political risk'
Is men's clubbiness an affront to women?
Replacing nightmares and dreams
Gorbachev visit stirs up Czechoslovakia. Once again, people are talking openly of politics
At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Book offers a wealth of anecdotes about life in the White House
Powerful drama pays tribute to death camp revolt
Moiseyev charms Paris. Founder of Russian troupe chats about his life
Program helps get Hispanic families off to a good start
Women cutting some fancy figures on precision skating team
Trio of books to beat the rainy day blues
Pretoria faces tough odds in new effort to win over urban blacks
US leverage on Chile regime is limited, says envoy
Deportation of Palestinians under subversion act is challenged
Kids and stress
The matter of talent
All Western embassies in Moscow bugged. So say diplomats who find that it's getting tougher to keep secrets
Notes from a roads scholar
The Dole factor
Searchers for an American utopia: four communities
American premi`ere kicks off Boston's Irish theater festival
Louisiana's disappearing wetlands
LEBANON'S REFUGEE CAMPS. Palestinians see liftof siege as Syrian bidto thwart PLO unity
Once upon a time
Shuichi Kato
In Managua, main fight is for shelter
The bridge
Educators focus on black-student woes. Lack of money discourages minorities, perils some colleges, too