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Monitor Archive for April 6, 1987

S. Africa ruling party faces tough campaign. Whites wary of giving blank check to undefined power-sharing plan
Space-station docking called off by Soviets
Power and peril: profile of the US military-industrial complex
The stream
Delectable reading
Kemp tries to rally a right wing looking for champion. But some think it's already a race between Bush, Dole
Kinnock faces a `crisis of opposition'
China' reformist premier fends off conservative party critics. Facing resistance to his role as party chief, Zhao refutes charges of paying `lip ser...
New Zealand `peace studies'. Proposed school program sparks a political controversy
Managua's suspicion of US colors view of regional peace plan
Absentee stars cloud picture as baseball season opens today
Learning about education from 5th-graders in Japan
Iranian immigrants in the US. `Exiles of circumstance' work hard to fit in
US CONSULATE CLOSINGS. Pro-American Strasbourg wants US to stay
IBM empire strikes back at clonemakers with bold machines
Tighten security in Moscow
Two key educators warn school reform faltering across US
Love enough for all
IMF and World Bank plan to hold steady on global debt policy
The written landscape
Televangelism and neighborhood churches: the gulf widens