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Monitor Archive for April 30, 1987

Planning for nuclear plant `retirement' is proving difficult
Praying all the time
Iran-Iraq update
Kalb to lead exploration into media's impact on public policy
Called to paint in Dresden
Columbia alum's $25 million aids minority students
Halting hazardous waste at the source. Companies are finding that cutting their use of toxic substances helps them avoid costly and complex disposal...
The city was theirs
Far from the madding crowd? English countryside is changing as yuppies reach for a piece of the rural dream
`Lucky Spot': offbeat comedy by Beth Henley
Grounds for refreshment
Bears pull surprise in NFL draft; Bill Russell returns to coaching
Brazil's new finance minister inherits an economy on the brink
Scuffed-luggage ambassadors
Export insurers tighten up, crimping some third-world trade
Complacency and US competitiveness. Determining the roots of diminishing industry
Her message can be heard: `You are not lesser'
Will `Reagan revolution' leave mark?. Right wing seeks to build in conservative agenda gains
On remote Japanese isle, development makes waves
Maintaining credible deterrence in Europe. NATO chief: tougher to do if Euromissiles go
Attacking Nicaragua's rural projects: part of contra strategy. American killed by contras worked in `high-risk' area