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Monitor Archive for April 3, 1987

The professors egg us on
Bagging the early lunch
Scholar urges school reforms to heighten `cultural literacy'. Dr. Hirsch says teaching `skills' lessens imparting of knowledge
PERES SPEAKS. Soviet move on Jews fits big picture, Israeli says
Contras create ill-will on Mosquito Coast
Falwell's move to PTL seen as attempt to protect TV preachers. Alliance bridges two movements, baffles some theologians
Amitai Etzioni
Never outside God's love
Poet Drummond de Andrade. A voice in tune with everyday Brazil
Travel. When only the bravest toured Southern Italy
Photographer Laura Gilpin. A `highly individualistic eye'
Massachusetts' Murphy: making hay while the Duke is away
How one bank is bringing its services back to inner-city Detroit
Contras target Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast for first time. Managua claims credit for forcing rebels to coast; others say it's deliberate contra plan
Editor's essay. Feeling more at home - but not too much
Guinea plays East-bloc politics off Western economics
An ambitious GAF stalks Borg-Warner
From blah to beautiful. Home office makeover transforms a dismal spare bedroom into an efficient, attractive workspace
Triumphal Manhattan. It's 1945, and the `wonderful town' is about to happen
Josef Sudek. He saw poetry in the simplest of things
Some cost-saving lessons for prospective home owner-builders
Museum safari
Egypt campaign highlights pull of Islamic trend. Mubarak's party works hard to combat lure of opposition alliance
Sen. Sanford and the veto-vote flap
Back to economic basics: make better products
In the season of amber gold
Tales of courage and love. Here's quality for children
Fan loyalties run deep around Florida's spring training sites
Oscar choices influenced by new values
Electronic preachers gain publicity from Bakker's resignation. 221 TV stations, 60 programs in billion-dollar industry
Native Alaskans press Congress to safeguard their ancestral lands