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Monitor Archive for April 28, 1987

`Pillow culture' gardening is easy - all you need, basically, is a garbage bag
Letters without obligation
Houston's new performing arts center a monument to self-help
How to succeed in China - with a bit of (capitalist) style
Nakasone feels heat on both sides of Pacific
Griffith making country/folk tracks. Singer's career in high gear, with hit records, Grammy nomination
In one rural Swiss canton, men vote while women watch
Mrs. Gaskell writes from Haworth
Black think tank looks at roles minorities can play in election '88. Center will question black mayors, public- and private-sector officials
General Motors and UAW brace for tough labor negotiations. More cuts in GM work force expected
Reagan aide cautious on Soviet proposal. Rowny cites imbalance in conventional forces, risk to Asia
The `Greene-ing' of America - circa 1964
Diana Golden carves out glittering athletic career on one ski
West Germany waffles over issue of shorter-range missiles. Bonn wants to see Soviet draft treaty before making decision
Nakasone readies for crucial US visit. Says he'll unveil specific measures in bid to ease trade frictions
A gaggle of lively stories for young animal lovers
How plant roots transform waste into clean water
Essays on the ethics of exploiting Earth's space environment
The toughest job they'll ever love
En route to 1988, potholes and pitfalls
Are new reactor designs the answer?
Group devises an agenda to boost competitiveness
Geneva's gardens offer visitors lakeside beauty. Every season has its charms for strollers in city's parks
Nay on May Day
Drug traffickers, guerrillas curtail Peru's antidrug efforts. Police hemmed in by armed attacks in coca region
US symphonies will accompany a Russian film classic
Europe warns Japan on trade
As Mozambique's civil war drags on, refugees flood camps. Relief workers find it hard to get aid to rebel-controlled areas