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Monitor Archive for April 23, 1987

Chile has crossed the line
There's no place like home for defending NBA champion Celtics
How to fill teen-agers' vacuum of beliefs. Kids still look to their parents, but are today's parents prepared?
Strikes shatter S. Africa calm. Violence is biggest challenge to Pretoria since crackdown
Miller drama `All My Sons' still speaks to today. Another opening, `Funny Feet,' is a burlesque of ballet
Swaps ease debt but don't solve problem
A Soviet defector provides firsthand look at the KGB
Indonesia vote: only surprise may come in remote Aceh
Ramifications of Greek coup persist - two decades later
Foster care success story: out of chaos arises a happy home. Michael and Samantha learn how to make their family work
He raided the fleet but gave back the teapot
HELPING WILDLIFE. Rancher's `private' wildlife refuge doesn't hurt his business either
Two years later
Ice cream turned the tide
Surely, this year
A make-or-break round of arms talks begins. The US and the Soviet Union are close to a historic agreement to cut nuclear weapons. Delegations meet t...
Keeping children at home - and foster care a last resort
A community `support system' for teen mothers
10 steps to a better US housing policy
On making fine distinctions: a 20th-century philosopher's life
Steel shortage puts mills in overdrive, but gives little hope to laid-off workers