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Monitor Archive for April 22, 1987

Safe in God's care
New Yorkers prepare for tough smoking rules to take effect. Businesses look for ways to comply, as May 7 - `D-Day' for smokers - draws closer
Shareholders seek fast, fast, fast relief from `poison pills'
Winners all
Applause for the hardworking presidential wife
Foster care programs that strive to keep the family together
Faces and intentions
Zulu chief's support for white independents could help Pretoria
Marathon meal - a dinner of champions
Managua acts to mollify volatile east coast
Make-at-home `sampler' is a dessert lover's dream come true
Prague dissidents see bleak future. Regime's hard line against liberalization continues, they say
Turkey drags feet on military bases deal. Says US breaches treaty obligations on military and economic aid
Theodore Gordon
Seko, Mota emerge victorious in mishap-marred Boston Marathon
WFMT adds Lyric Opera broadcasts to its `firsts'
The FCC's tougher obscenity standards - what impact?
`CLASSIConnecticut' - the nutmeg state
Jumpy mortgage rates make would-be homeowners jumpy