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Monitor Archive for April 2, 1987

Imprint editors carry on `what publishing once was all about'
State Department says allies defy S. Africa arms embargo
Horton Foote's family saga evokes a bygone era. TV miniseries based on lives of writer's parents
Master of unselfish basketball. Celtics' big man makes high art of the low profile
Theaters try to shake money woes
Leading E. Europeans seek both political and economic reform
Philippine jets attack rebel strongholds
Team-switching owner, feisty manager give Padres a new look
Israelis view Soviet overtures with guarded optimism. Soviet visit, and offer to let more Jews out, may bring official ties
Surrogacy and society
SURPRISE MOVE. Prime hike will affect home loans; inflation next?
Pork barrels and glass houses
Everybody's tree
Excerpts from Baby M ruling
Louisville theater festival: subtle changes in the showcase
Chirac in Washington
Soviet playwright revives `nonpersons'. Play features Trotsky and Bukharin, long unmentioned officially
Moscow trip strengthens Thatcher. Prime minister appears tough as British elections loom
SPACESHIP EARTH. Managing our planet
Who sins?
Baby M ruling boost for surrogacy. Debate, appeal will examine whether these contracts are legal and binding
Nicaragua belongs to the Nicaraguans
Exploring today's frontiers of time - working the night shift
Sri Lanka needs more than serendipity to boost its economy
US-JAPAN LAWYERS' PACT. Long-shut legal doors opened
Working the water. The rhythms of nature shape life for this Chesapeake Bay island family
Salvador rebels ruin myth that Army's winning. Rebel raid shows early Army victory unlikely