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Monitor Archive for April 13, 1987

Hong Kong lawyer-activist pushes for democratic safeguards
Lining up for a quirky race
Brooms in hand, mamas (et al) clean up Naples

Women's pro baseball league revisited
It's easy to fall in love with a cold climate in Irkutsk, Siberia
SAFE DRINKING WATER. California's toxic-waste law difficult to implement
ART IN LONDON. Glazunov remains something of a mystery in and out of USSR
Hearing God's Word in an `age of distraction'
Talking up a storm. Controversy swirls around teen talk lines
Tate reconstructs Gabo's `lost' works
Tony Pena quite a catch for Cardinals; Indians should be better, within reason
Following US strategy isolates Duarte at home
A sampler of worldwide travelers' tales
Britain locks horns with Japan over trade
Crime in US dropped in 1986 for second year
Biking back to Ban Pha Khao
The bill comes due for a `values neutral' education
Japanese marching into the fray of world futures trading
Getting back to the facts. Educator urges schools to teach cultural content
Tunisian leader grapples with pro-Islamic trend
Ferry salvage: textbook case of cooperation
My Bronson period
Gorbachev nudges Czechoslovakia along the road to reform
US firms help lighten Mexico's debt
Monk and Chong back in a double bill
Learning lessons in the fourth `R': real life
Canada's balancing act: land claims and aboriginal rights