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Monitor Archive for April 1, 1987

Sweet surprises for April Fools' Day: two delicious vegetable cakes
Spying among friends
American architect Louis Sullivan: a reappraisal. Exhibition reaffirms his towering stature
Disappointment of a year ago spurred Hoosiers to NCAA title
With new tax laws, REITs get new interest
Israel as ally
Leathernecks in unusual position: on defensive. Marines' role as embassy watchdogs under scrutiny
SURROGATE BIRTHS IN EUROPE. Surrogacy for pay frowned upon. Britain bans it, several other nations considering similar action
The elegant Belgian endive
Conference offers solutions to black family problems
19 states have considered surrogacy bills
Peace--never dull
US role in resettling Salvadoreans under fire. Critics say US money helps Army's fight against guerrillas
Spaceship Earth: Mission to a small planet
By raising prices, Poland makes risky bid to help economy. Past increases sparked upheaval; so far this time, public is quiet
CRACKING THE MONOPOLY. China plunges into era of modern banking. Full-service bank is boldest financial experiment yet
Diplomacy and the budget: Keep US consulates open
Coward's `Blithe Spirit' returns to Broadway with '80s touches
Who took home all those Oscars
Just joking - quotable sayings for many occasions
Update of Sophocles opens at Old Globe
Some savory alternatives to salt