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Monitor Archive for March 9, 1987

Harlem faces hopes - and concerns - with `new renaissance'
Mr. Rogers explores the rhythms of childhood - and life
Eight ways to ease Africa's debt burden
Trying to account for Lillian Hellman
Japan pushes to catch up with US and Europe in space. Latest launch was perfect as usual, though technology is not on the cutting edge
More engineers for factory floors. New emphasis on manufacturing education at technical universities
Chilean frustration builds over Pinochet's brand of education. Regime boosts private role, tightens control over curricula
One-parent family?
How not to teach the Constitution
Two Twyla Tharp dances reanimate the classical with the new
For W. Berlin mayor, nipping across the wall is a big decision. Invitation to E. Berlin for 750th celebration fraught with symbolism
Hall of Fame voters have rectified some injustices - but not all
Lessons from furniture and teapots - things Americans made
Log cabin
Wanted: creative, global help on African debt. Some fear riots, coups, and hunger could result from insolvency
peace is coming true
We all take home a piece of the park
Harlem Billy recalls the `good old days'
Ambitious play explores friendship between arms control duo
Kenya's President Moi heads to US and Britain
One Westerner's encounter with a disparate Arab world
Separation of powers at issue in special-prosecutor challenge. Federal judge will consider arguments on constitutionality by lawyers for Col. Oliver...
British exhibition demythologizes Degas
Kinnock got Labour up, but not moving
Recalling 1887, centennial year of the Constitution
Channel safety. Ferry capsizing renews concern over safeguards. Tragedy may generate new interest in Channel rail link
Is there a tax increase in US future?. Democratic leaders see new flexibility in Reagan tax stance