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Monitor Archive for March 5, 1987

A tribute
Essayist Theroux speaks as a kind of Everymother
CONGRESS AND CONTRAS. Democrats seek right political strategy for blocking contra aid. Congressional majority lacks policy of its own
S. Africa's black unions grow bolder
News media push for own `eyes in the sky'
Webster: experience in law, government
Presidency under a microscope. Series of troubled administrations tied to persons, not system
Grant distribution debate continues
Egypt and Sudan move to restore `sound footing' for relations. Sudanese leader dispels Egypt's suspicion about his ties with Qaddafi
Can US trust Gorbachev thaw to last more than a season?
Japan gives up its 1 percent solution
Hugs and whirls
Optimistic portrayal of USSR under Gorbachev
Cambodians in limbo. Refugees on Thai-Cambodian border face new status as `displaced persons'
Government by obsession
A muffle on the City's hubbub. In London, floor traders giving way to computers
Understanding motherliness
If GOP right unites, Bush may lose lead
Cranking bureaucratic wheels to reunite a refugee family. Documents are a crucial link in visa process
Dorcas Hardy's stamp on social security. Head of sprawling US retirement system is unretiring in word and deed
Getting rid of the middle-range nukes
Naturally loving
Webster nomination draws praise. FBI director appears to be untouched by the Iran-contra affair, but his appointment to head CIA will get close Sena...
Hispanics note gains in theater - and shortfalls. Talents of this minority termed well-kept `secret'
Culture on trial in Prague
Chilean novel about a postman and a poet
`South Pacific' on opera stage. Durable musical performed with fidelity to original
A Constitution for everyone