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Monitor Archive for March 4, 1987

President, Congress, and public: a shared foreign policy role
US to offer arms treaty
US and Israel disagree on status to be accorded emigrating Soviet Jews
Buying signed art is terrific - for an autograph collector. Artist's signature may enhance investment value, but it's iffy
The well-seasoned bookseller
Italians weigh early vote as Craxi resigns
Practical consequences of nuclear disarmament
Big East's spectacular growth tied to basketball packaging
The Commodore was home
Nigerian drama blends plot, pageantry. `Death and the King's Horseman' on stage
PUSHING TOBACCO. Hong Kong bans snuff, but US firm seeks other Asian markets
Protestant sects find fertile soil in troubled Central America
Aquino shifts to high gear on land reform. She worries farmers won't get good deal after Congress begins
Does Reagan have a future?
Excerpt from `Printing Technology'
DETECTIVES IN SPACE. Sensors mounted on satellites send a stream of invaluable scientific information back to earth; now the US is in danger of losi...
Why time may be ripe for arms deal
Composer Anthony Davis hears music in human voice
Job bias and infectious illness
Tax season '87 - `so long' to many features. It's the last chance for things like full deductibility on an IRA
Faultless driving