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Monitor Archive for March 30, 1987

Sandinistas win - on the diamond
`On the Verge' comically tracks intrepid travelers
The Duchess's telltale brooches
`Staggerlee' rides momentum of Toussaint's music
`It's about time,' say Congress and business on chips
Uruguay's military amnesty - good or bad?
If you're renting, there are new reasons to buy. Tax reform likely to push up rents, as low mortgage rates hold
Budapest party chief says further reform is essential. Grosz is favored by many as Hungary's next leader
Will `star wars' research shoot holes in economy?
NEIL KINNOCK BACK IN US. US skeptical over British opposition chief's `nonnuclear' pitch
Paxton: charismatic soloist with his own vision
Unionism in Eastern Europe
STRATEGIC SEA CHANGE. New Zealand takes ambitious tack with new defense policy
Family service centers gain momentum
A cast-iron buy
Notes from the picket lines
Cultural Onmibus. Berlin's 750th birthday bash features a chance to learn about the city's architecture.
`Nothing down' gurus lose following
All is in the little
GIRL SCOUTS - 75 years later. Values have not changed, but scouting has evolved to meet diverse needs
Chileans look to Pope to influence country's political future. Public fervently awaits his views on regime's politics, human rights record
`Starving artist' paintings go from assembly lines to hotel shows
Removing sources of lead poisoning is proving difficult
Always the watchers
BANK'S ENVIRONMENTAL ROLE. Environmentalists say World Bank study lacks commitment
Savimbi offers to open rail link
The solo
`We wouldn't execute Nagy today'