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Monitor Archive for March 26, 1987

Slower growth for Europe?
The priceless value of each individual
UNREST IN EASTERN EUROPE. Yugoslavia modifies stand on nationwide wage freeze
Why, and how, Iran usually gets its way
In world of commodities, surplus hurts too. Exporting countries await improved global growth to sop up gluts
Lessons of the missile crisis
India's longtime ruling party faces strong regional challenges. Losses in 2 out of 3 state elections deal blow to Gandhi's standing
Bug off
`Protecting' the children from science and religion
Reporting the facts is not libel. US court decision boosts responsible investigative press
Canadian journal wins readers in northern US
One little girl
RACISM ON CAMPUS. Assault on black students at Columbia latest in growing trend
Willy Brandt steps down
THE US AND BRAZIL: allies increasingly at odds
The `nurturing father' appears to be doing a very good job
Nominal spring
Opening a wider path to nature. Unusual hiking trail gives a sense of independence to the disabled
Proposed US sentencing system to end parole meets criticism
Views of Vietnam: `Platoon' vs. `Rambo'. Why did films with very different images of war and heroism both become hits?
Truly childlike
Purchased: a trumpet for her 12-year-old son
European communism: it's in trouble