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Monitor Archive for March 24, 1987

Cao Xueqin on settling accounts
Tiny enclave to return to Chinese fold. Portugal agrees to release Macao to Chinese rule by century's end
Workers worry as companies tap excess cash in pension funds
African ire expected over US bid for base in Zaire. US aims to aid Angola rebels via next-door Zaire
Battle rages over the future of food irradiation
Cecil Taylor romps with wide-ranging style
Soil thermometers take the guesswork out of gardening
Walliser, Zurbriggen capture World Cup ski racing crowns
Reagan gets poor marks for minority appointments to courts
Discoing to `Jingle Bells'? Only in Peking. Dance fever hits China - in a `civilized, wholesome' way, of course
SMU football and the ABCs of college sports
Mortimer's first novel now in US edition
Charlotte Harbor beckons visitors with its remoteness and hints of wealth
So long, cedillas? Ta-ta, tildes? No, says Portugal. Brazilian's proposal to `reform' Portuguese sparks bilateral row
Kick the habit, not the ball: let colleges be colleges again
Good snow year brought skiers out in droves - especially in the East
US carmakers face smaller market share, more foreign inroads
Yankee Clipper's proud prow. Snow Squall bow will be feature piece for Portland museum
Snowboarding. A growing sport that's a cross between surfing and skiing is the hottest thing on the slopes
Losses in Chad threaten Libya's Qaddafi
Getting there on time
Learning from past revolutions. Experience with failed dictators helped US with Philippine crisis
Compromise on refuge bills likely