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Monitor Archive for March 20, 1987

An expansive Finland
Playing their way through college. Basketball player making the grades
Playing their way through college. Batting .397 and studying later
LETTERS TO ROSTENKOWSKI. Europe and White House fire at trade bill
How to live with an IRS audit
Kennebec turkeys and how we got through
S. Africa-Israel ties strained. But Israeli arms curb unlikely to undermine Pretoria's military might
Thaw for the Germans
`Maverick' jurist faces possible impeachment proceedings. Florida's first black federal judge says he welcomes hearing
Playing their way through college. How young women seek out and hang onto sports scholarships
Pete and Prunella
Close or not, Pretoria's ties to Israel touchy for S. Africa Jews
Pruning due on tax reform gives opportunity
Handcrafted jewelry comes of age. `Wearable art' is finding a niche in the mainstream of fashion
Phonies, fakes, and comic characters crowd latest Amis novel
Tax reform and you. Hard tax job a little easier with software
L.A. broker to plead guilty in Boesky tie-in
Morality, purity, and health
Playing their way through college. Selfless swimmer does two `jobs'
DEADLY FORCE. Dallas gropes for ways to lower the rising incidence of police shootings
Czechoslovak leader backs Soviet reforms. Step marks dramatic shift from Husak's past hard line
The exit of Richard Perle
Book offers countless opportunities to count
Nonprofit groups struggle against proposed IRS law changes. Charities argue that if they can't lobby, public policymakers will lose
Learning community service. Brown University programs promote student volunteers
Hit the books to keep tabs on tax shift
How to live with tax reform until next round
Phillies feel they can beat out Mets if pitching comes through