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Monitor Archive for March 18, 1987

Smorgasbord. It's a cherished tradition in Sweden, a time to visit with family and friends and partake of a variety of Scandinavian delights - a fea...
Net of New York corruption probe expected to snag more fish
Umbrellas in Venice
Championships with integrity an aim of NCAA drug tests
Gorbachev's Russia: a time of change
Japan fights complaints about its foreign aid performance. Since '77, aid has risen fourfold, but other donors not impressed
Don't take umbrage
Sisson's `Aeneid'. Deeds of `dutiful' Aeneas portrayed in new English translation of Virgil's poem
Olusegun Obasanjo
Political tremors follow Ecuador quake. Protests and calls for a strike follow offical price hikes
Finland shifts to the right in election. Conservatives may join government after 20 years on outside
US Jewish leaders walk tightrope on Pollard case. Delegation stresses need for further Israeli action in spy affair
TOWARD DEMOCRACY. Egypt opposition gains voice. Hopes high for first `real' election since '52
A look at Spassky, a Russian bear who can still bare his teeth
'87 budget boosts Thatcher's stock
Fun reading on economic trends for fans of the `dismal science'
America's judges on trial
Walking with Dorothy Wordsworth
Wow! Roller-skating extravaganza bids for audiences of all ages
US takes hard look at 21st-century energy demands
The fast track, or the right track?
Haiti's Catholic Church renews push for change. Bishops increasingly impatient with pace of political reform
Man of books opens a new chapter. The librarian of Congress goes back to the stacks