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Monitor Archive for March 16, 1987

Cleaning Ganges, India's polluted symbol of purity, no easy task
A sultan's hoard
Latino food workers strike a double blow. In winning wage battle, they also enhance political solidarity
The breezy side of Oskar Kokoschka. Paris exhibition of drawings offers fresh look at OK's methods
The day they screened out the TV
E. Europe rock keeps youth dancing - and officials on toes
NEW BIBLE TRANSLATION. Keeping ancestral language alive
GOP warm-up for 1988. Presidential hopefuls get chance to test strategies in New Hampshire; Bush feels some campaign heat
Kudos for a family theater. Wheelock's `accessibility' keeps audiences coming back for more
Ferry disaster sparks push for boat safety
Pitching-rich Astros stand pat in bid for repeat NL West title
France's `terror' judges: a new breed of risk-takers
Following in Ben Franklin's footsteps. Many US students take degrees from Britain's prestigious universities
The welcome mat's out
Soviet editor criticizes lack of openness
Camry: most `trouble free' car in the US has lots going for it
Intelligence emanating from God
Real imagination
House showdown vote will decide speed-limit issue. Senate has approved boost to 65 on rural parts of US Interstates
Verdi operas on CDs show variety in conductors' approaches. Sets vary in amount of fidelity to score and composer's intent
Soviet changes are `cosmetic'
Army shadow dogs Guatemala's civilian leader
Britain has fewer third-world students
`Junk' stocks can be salvaged
US tries to head off another energy crisis