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Monitor Archive for February 9, 1987

Scheduled for Detroit
Uruguay's rebels try legitimate political role
Celtics, Lakers roll toward titles; other NBA races up for grabs
Trade war with US takes to the air
Raid on BBC ignites uproar
Deregulation spells trouble for nation's unionized laborers
You are not traveling alone
West Germany's Greens want higher profile in government. Victories at polls have not brought party to seats of power
An art show where experts may help (maybe not). Defining `spiritual' proves tough hurdle
Closing ice
Mid-career survey of David Salle; Beaux-Arts student sketches
President's new control over National Guard is challenged
Burlington's socialist mayor takes on another challenger. Gritty style wins voters but not the governor or political establishment
Small business - big prospects
How a mother helped her drug addicted children by letting go
End of Wapping-big press dispute: new era for British industry? Thatcher planning to propose new round of trade-union curbs
Glasnost, American-style. The arduous task of sorting out the Iran-contra debacle
Fatou Banja stresses need for self-help. Making things happen in Gambia
Gypsum dumping in the Mississippi barred
Of Meese and Miranda
Drug war fugit
Gorbachev reinforces reform image by freeing dissidents
Britain's newest paper carves a niche. Independent takes on politicos, commercial corruption
As women climb, so does a magazine. Working Woman is on its way to the top of the business rack
Aquino forges ahead
L.A.'s bold new museums are works of art in themselves
Muslims' holy book translated for American readers
Putting a tighter congressional rein on sale of US arms abroad
Helping women in business keep balance
Japanese education. Why the cultural element is key
For a fun winter craft project, try making beaded jewelry
Giving back happiness