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Monitor Archive for February 4, 1987

Venezuela launches patriotic war on growing drug traffic. Education drive stresses drug lords' threat to society
German writer's novel of ambiguities
Female comedy team romps on screen in `Outrageous Fortune'. Long and Midler have a ball - or is it Midler and Long?
Forgiveness that lasts
The `plus' of photography
What the `Amerika' controversy is all about. Advertisers cautious as air date approaches
Pay issue raises hob in House. Democrats say Senate colleagues botched a deal
US filmmakers trek to Canada. Many movies made in Vancouver and Toronto
Tehran talk, amid air raids
The world's most stable democracy
US naval forces continue to grow in Mideast region
Dewhurst on stage in work recalling life with Eugene O'Neill
An exceptional dinner for two
Tired of Marx and Lenin? Poles were, and publishers obliged
Kasparov's return to tournament play finds him sailing along at top form
Micronesia wrestles with red tape on road to real independence. Lack of UN approval of US pact may hurt prospects for aid
Chocolate by any other color
Averting a dearth of funds for Earth
California's dimming film star. State mounts effort to lure back movie and TV business attracted to other locales in recent years
A helping hand
Wall Street's Year of the Bull prompts us to watch for the Pig
Trinco: coveted port is major block in Sri Lanka's ethnic strife. Tamil rebels battle Sri Lankan government for strategic city
Vision of prosperity in Puerto Rico is tempered by reality
Off-the-wall fad turns inventor into mentor for future faddists
In Switzerland, one Gruy`ere cheese is not just like another
Lefty Gomez remembers a colorful career in Yankee pin stripes
A shadow, too
Keeping drugs out of high school athletics